Our uPVC Windoors and Doors are 100% lead free, using GErman Profile system you are guaranteed
to have the best windows and doors to help with energy efficiency and sound proofing.

German uPVC Window and Door Systems

KÖMMERLING is the brand which with the tradition within the profile group having started the extrusion of window profiles and uPVC sheets since 1967, pro fine is manufacturing products that meets the highest requirements. KÖMMERLING offers a large number of window systems. So, every design which can be fulfilled with different frame, sash heights and depths.

KÖMMERLING has an outstanding reputation for high quality and advanced technologies. It has set itself the goal of manufacturing windows and door profiles for demanding applications.

KÖMMERLING uPVC windows and doors have proved their functional aesthetic and qualititive creadentials over the wide spectrum of residential, commercial, industrial and intitutional requirements.



J.K Windoors high wind load performance can bring you calm days even during typhoons. The installation of J.K Windoors windows in high buildings has been very successful.

The noice level especially in areas with heavy traffic (e.g near airports) can be considerably decreased by combining the uPVC profiles with specially insulating glass panes.

J.K Windoors uPVC profiles are subject to extreme weather conditions viz extensive cold, salty sea area, long storm periods and intensive exposure to sunlight. The highly devloped J.K Windoors materil compound Komalit-Z is a high impact resistant material, specially made for tropical climates

Scientific design of J.K Windoors window systems avoids the penetration of outdoor air, thus keeping the home dust free.

J.K Windoors uPVC windows with intelligent multi-point locking systems, offer superior security.

J.K Windoors uPVC windows do not alow any water leakage, no matter how heavy the water rainstorm is. Even on the coastline they have proven their effectiveness.

J.K Windoors windows have been tried and tested in tropical and cold areas. Outstanding thermal insulation distinctly realises a lot of energy saving, both in cold and warm weather.

J.K Windoors uPVC windows do not draw any maintenance costs. They do not rot or corrode even in tropical and coastal weather conditions. J.K Windoors profile requires minimal maintenance to keep frames in top condition.



Gold Asea System

58mm casement window system
  • A universal system to make outward opening & inward opening windows
  • Compatible glazing and gasket structure accepts glass from 5 to 24 mm
  • Pre-positioned thermal chamber gives excellent insulation
  • Unique design of T-Style transom can realize the ideal joint in both welding and mechanical coupling.
  • Co-Extruded glazing bead with lips tightens the sealing and eases the assembly work.

Provent System

37mm casement window system
  • Slim but highly reliable, functional & 3-Chambered Profile
  • Economical and unique casement series for outward open windows
  • Accepts glass thickess from 5 to 20mm
  • Steel reinforcement for maximum structural performance, security and durability
  • ]
  • Multiple use of sash profile can be used as transom or mullion

System Orta

58/104mm sliding window system
  • A very successful horizontal sliding system comprises of both windows & door sashes making the system more economical
  • Accepts glass thickess from 5 to 20mm
  • 4 frames are available from one system to meet various demands
  • Slope rebate of frame assists in drainig out water quickly
  • Co-Extruded glazing bead with lips tightens the sealing and eases the assembly work.
  • Provision of Mosquito net

System Orta Plus

70/87.5mm Fixed & slide window system
  • Economical and unique multi-chambered sliding window and door system
  • Stronger and more energy efficient system
  • Mono track and fixed frame
  • 2 frame system (without reinforcement) t meet various demands
  • Slope rebate of frame assists to drain out water quickly
  • Co-extruded glazing bead with lips tighten the sealing, ease working on assembly and increase productivity
  • Provision on Mosquito net

System Lift & Slide

174mm lift & slide door system
  • Excellent performance sliding door system
  • Installation width of frame 174mm and the door sash of 62mm
  • Strong and sturdy sash with 2.8mm wall thickness
  • Accets glass thickness from 12mm to 36mm
  • Unique solution of alluminium threshold allows barrier-free access
  • Maximum wind pressure withstanding capability
  • Multipoint locking function enhances the safety performance
  • Sliding system with gasket to achieve maximum air tightness

Energy System

58mm Energy system for slide & fold door
  • All door sashes can be folded to save space and pushed to the side
  • Slide and Fold door offers generous and barrier free access to terraces, conservatories, conference rooms, wherever needed
  • By using an aluminium threshold we can minimize the bottom frame height upto the floor level
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